Learn About Our Company Timeline Since 1882

Our Timeline Since 1882



Our company was founded by George Sherwin to install the newly invented battery doorbell. Much has changed since our founding.


Irving Douglas purchased the struggling company. Common materials such as copper were almost unobtainable by civilians during WWII.


Sherwin was awarded the first electrical project for the new IBM™ facility in Essex Jct., VT.


Ownership transferred to Irving's son, Kenneth.


Kenneth Douglas' sons Kenneth II and David joined Sherwin. The company expanded presence at IBM-Essex as well as other industrial plants, such as Hayward-Tyler Pump and Rossignol Ski manufacturing facilities. Sherwin begins to do data cabling within IBM, installing dumb terminals as well as Token Ring Drops.


Continued growth as Sherwin Electric became known for providing quality Electrical service in high-technology manufacturing environments. Sherwin Data cabling expands to GE™ in Burlington to include Apple Net & Ethernet Networks. Fiber optic cabling begins at the IBM and GE™ sites.


Sherwin expanded operations to serve the growing semiconductor industry in Virginia. Our data-com expertise was recognized when Sherwin was chosen by Lucent Technologies as an authorized Value Added Reseller (now called Systimax)


Ken took over Sole Ownership in 2006 when Sherwin left Virginia to concentrate and strengthen the business in Vermont and the North East Market. In 2012, Sherwin started doing Solar and Energy Conservation work.


Sherwin continues to expand their electrical presence in the Industrial, Commercial, and Solar markets.


Providing Safe Working Conditions

We follow high safety measures to ensure safe working conditions for our employees and clients. Our extensive Safety and Health Plan includes:

  • Personal Protective Equipment Requirements
  • Equipment and Site Inspection for Safety Hazards
  • Site-specific Emergency Information
  • Lock-out / Tag-out Policy
  • Confined Space Program
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Motor Vehicle Safety
  • Sexual Harassment Policy

On-Site Safety Officers

Safety officers are stationed at each job site. They are accountable for the enforcement of the company's Safety and Health Plan. All our employees are trained in our safety policies prior to the commencement of their work.

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